Cremation Packages

Cremation Packages

When people talk about cremation often times they believe this to be a simple, uncomplicated funeral option. While this can be true, most often people find that there are a multitude of service and merchandise options when cremation is selected.

Cremation is the process of reducing the body of the deceased to fragments of bone by way of heat and flame. We prefer to use "cremated remains" rather than "ashes" because we believe that the term "ashes" can be misleading. Our staff will be pleased to explain the consistency of cremated remains in as much detail as you prefer - if you are considering scattering we would recommend that you ask us to prepare you for what you will see. If the deceased is Jewish, Christian Orthodox, Muslim, or Roman Catholic, you may wish to consult clergy or our staff for guidance (For example, the Roman Catholic Church strongly advocates the presence of the body - not the cremated remains - for the funeral Mass, with cremation to take place later. Scattering is not accepted by the Catholic Church.) Our Cremation Authorization form goes into some detail in explaining the cremation process and our policies and procedures.

We believe that those who compare our cremation options, our staff, our procedures, our prices, and our reputation for excellence will conclude that we offer unsurpassed quality, value, and peace of mind.

  • Cremation Service Options
  • Visitation And Ceremony
  • Private Viewing And Ceremony
  • Open to all who wish to attend
  • Opportunity for friends to express support
  • E.G.: "The family will receive friends at the mortuary on Tuesday from 4 - 8 P.M."
  • Religious, Non-Religious, or Contemporary ceremony
  • Opportunity to pay tribute and share memories

So that you may better understand the diligence with which we carry out the cremation process at Chapman-Black, we are listing some of the verification steps that are initialed by two of our staff members before cremation takes place.

  • Identification band checked by Chapman-Black staff
  • Gender
  • Age (according to permit)

Cremation identification number: stainless steel disk that stays with the deceased's remains at all times.

  • Cremation permit issued by county
  • Is time of cremation at our discretion?
  • Mechanical or radioactive implants?
  • Identification by family?
  • Witness cremation?
  • Personal effects received from place of death

Disposition of personal effects:

  • Cremate
  • Return to survivors
  • Placed in urn
  • Date & time to transfer cremated remains
  • Container to accommodate deceased for cremation process
  • Urn
  • Plaque or engraving